"Dr Rowland and the Affinity Sports Medicine team have been fantastic! Dr Rowland accurately assessed the cause of my chronic knee pain and diagnosed a treatment. Upon Dr Rowland's diagnosis and recommendation, I scheduled to have both knees treated with PRP injections. The Affinity Sports team was great about thoroughly explaining the procedure and what to expect in the days, weeks, and months following. He also prescribed a physical therapy regimen that gave me the exact right level of care and recovery treatment. It was amazing to see how the PRP worked and how my knees steadily got better. It takes time, but it works! It has been 4 months since my procedure and I am close to pain free. I went from constant, nagging pain in my knees and had given up on ever running again to almost pain free in just 4 months. I do not feel pain during my normal daily activities and am back to biking and light jogging without pain. Thank you Dr Rowland and Affinity Sports Medicine. I'm very thankful for the way you are serving our community!"

- Fred Ellermeier

"Took my high school athlete to see Dr. Rowland for a foot issue. He listened to all my child's issues, what had been done so far to alleviate it and then did an exam and tests to help determine what was truly wrong with my child. He has a great knowledge of sports and body mechanics. Dr. Rowland had great advice as well as a good course of treatment for my child."

- Karen Malisos

"I am a violinist and recently went to Dr. Rowland to discuss some issues and concerns I've been having. Most of my concerns are repetitive and overuse of muscles. We discussed at length what was going on and developed a plan for treatment. Dr. Rowland has a commitment and passion for what he does. I would highly recommend musicians to consider seeing him."

- Karianne Waterland